Welcome to my blog – keep up to date with Dr Hart on the latest skin treatments

Welcome to Dr Sarah Hart's Blog

Welcome to my blog – keep up to date with Dr Hart on the latest skin treatments

Are you a busy person who wants to look your best, but don’t have time to keep up-to-date with the latest skin treatments?

Do you want trustworthy information about which aesthetic procedures really work?

Do you want honest advice from an expert who does the research for you?

If that sounds like you, then welcome to my blog.


Rae Morris, Dr Sarah Hart, Dr Steven Liew

Many of us are confused about what really works and need help to sort the truth from the marketing. Beauty claims can be misleading. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at advertisements for ‘miracle’ moisturisers and thought, “That’s not true!”

In my blog, I’ll reveal why some treatments are hits, but others should be missed. You will get candid advice about the best aesthetic treatments, products and procedures.

Latest skin treatments

As one of New Zealand’s most experienced cosmetic doctors, I’ll share observations from my patients, insights from global experts and scientific studies to give you understandable information on the latest treatments.

training for latest skin treatments with Dr Sarah Hart

My career as an international trainer gives me access to the world’s top experts and conferences. I go behind the scenes, visiting the laboratories where products are made and talking directly to researchers. I find out the truth behind the claims, then share it with you.

You’ll pick up lots of tips, like how to select the best practitioners, avoid side effects, and chose the right treatment for your skin.

Let me be your trusted source for cosmetic health and wellness information.

Welcome and enjoy the read.