Many women tell me they really dislike their neck ageing. Thankfully, there are now a number of options to improve the appearance of your neck without surgery.

Improving your neck requires a different approach to treating your face. Strong laser treatments can cause scarring on the delicate skin of your neck. Instead, I can use injectable treatments like dermal filler and fat-dissolving Belkyra to improve necklace lines, neck bands, double chin and jawline contour.

Sometimes a surgical option might be a better solution. I don’t perform surgery, but I’m always happy to share names of the most skilled surgeons I know.

After - individual results may vary

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my horizontal neck lines?

Horizontal lines on your neck are known as “necklace lines”. I can place a thin thread of filler under these lines to make them look less obvious.

I use Juvederm Volift, Volbella or Volite to do this. It works best when you don’t have much saggy skin.

Neck Treatment - Before
Neck Treatment - After
After - individual results may vary

I used a 1 ml syringe of Juvederm Volift to thread precisely under this lovely 50-year-old lady’s necklace lines, reducing their depth and minimizing their appearance.

These photos show a 52-year-old lady before treatment, immediately after treatment, and three months later. You can see the redness immediately afterwards. This can be covered by makeup. Her lines have been decreased in appearance by gently injecting 1 ml of Juvederm Volift.

How can I improve my jawline?

I can strategically use fillers to sharpen your jawline.

After - individual results may vary

I used Juvederm to treat this lady’s cheek, jawline, chin, lips and smile lines. I placed a generous amount at her jaw angle and in front of her ear to reconstruct this area. The filler has stretched out her loose skin and given her a beautiful clean jawline.

I can also remove a double chin with the new fat-dissolving Belkyra injections. No surgery is needed for this innovative new treatment which contours your jawline by gradually reduces fat in 2-4 treatments over 6-8 months. It’s best for moderate double chins.

Belkyra - Before Treatment
Before Treatment
Belkyra - After 5 Treatments
After 5 Belkyra Treatments

I treated this 40-year-old lady with five sessions of Belkyra to give a nice reduction in the fat under her chin, contouring her jawline.

If you’re interested in talking to me about how dermal fillers might reduce sagging for you, contact me.