These days, with so much information available, it can be confusing to know who to trust and which treatments really work. In my regular blog posts, you’ll find honest advice about the latest aesthetic treatments.

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Covid cosmetic botox PPE

Why cosmetic Botox got approved before haircuts

Why did the Ministry of Health and Worksafe determine that cosmetic doctors can return to delivering cosmetic Botox? Dr Sarah Hart explains.

Five Botox myths you should know about to get a better result

After 20 years delivering Botox treatments, I’ve encountered five myths that could cost money and stop you getting the most natural results.

Dr Sarah_Hart and colleague

My journey to becoming a Cosmetic Doctor – could it be for you?

If you’re considering training as a cosmetic doctor, NZ doctors can learn aesthetic procedures by completing the two-year Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine.

Woman smiling after Botox

Discover the secret to a natural look with dermal filler

Dermal filler can be absolutely amazing when done well. It can make you look less tired and sad and restore your youthful look, but some practitioners don’t – or can’t – keep their patients looking natural.

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My top five treatments for New Zealand women’s skin

New Zealand women are not scared of ageing, but you do like to look your best. Here are my top five treatments that can noticeably improve your skin with 30 to 60-minute appointments.

Botox a sign you are vain

Is having Botox a sign that you’re vain?

Unfortunately, Botox can come with its own unfair preconceptions. Join Dr Sarah Hart as she breaks down why people from all walks of life have Botox.

Dr Sarah Hart

Tips from an aesthetic doctor, how to look good on Zoom without treatment!

During Covid many of us used Zoom meetings, not the most flattering medium for us. Here are some tips on how to look good on Zoom without any treatment!

Welcome to Dr Sarah Hart's Blog

Welcome to my blog – keep up to date with Dr Hart on the latest skin treatments

Hello and welcome to my blog where you can get trustworthy advice about which aesthetic procedures really work? Keep up to date with Sarah on the the newest skin treatments.