Is having Botox a sign that you’re vain?

Botox a sign you are vain

Is having Botox a sign that you’re vain?

Do you agree your appearance affects the way people treat you?

Have you ever noticed that people react differently when you’re in smart clothes with a smooth blow-dry, compared to when you’re in your trackies with greasy hair?

I’m so disappointed! I would prefer people to see the “real me” rather than my appearance. But I have to admit I’ve noticed that people treat me better when I’m well-groomed.

Woman at wedding after botox treatment

Your looks can get you places

I looked at the research and found it confirms that attractive people are treated differently. From the courtroom to the workplace, good-looking people get advantages, whether it’s being paid more, or being more likely to be found innocent of a crime.

People with “plain looks” earn about 10% less than people who are average-looking. Good-looking people earn another 5% more the average-lookers.

Studies show even babies prefer to gaze at an attractive face, suggesting it’s a hard-wired human preference.

Mother kissing baby's feet

What can you do?

This “beauty privilege” feels so unfair. But if you think about it, we can learn from it and make a plan to access the benefits. There are so many things we can do to improve our looks and our well-being. A good haircut, flattering clothes, make-up lessons, even Pilates for posture can help us make the most of what we have.

But what about taking it further? Yes, many people have discovered that quick, simple cosmetic medicine treatments can give them an extra edge. But should you jump in to having a bit of Botox for your frown line? Will that turn you into a vain, wrinkle-obsessed maniac?

Female patient before and after filler on lips

Who gets Botox?

I can tell you that the people who seek me out are grounded and down to earth. They’re also aware that how they present themselves to the world can change how they feel, and how others treat them.

Are they vain? Not in my experience.

I find they want to think less about their face, not more.

One woman seeking lip line treatment told me “I’m so sick of drawing on lip liner to stop my lipstick bleeding. I just want to slick on a bit of lip gloss and go!”

Before and after shots of lip lines

They are smart, successful people from all walks of life: whether that’s in advertising, grand-mothering, as a home-maker or a surgeon.

A doctor colleague of mine is a kind man with an angular face and thick brows. His strong muscles give him a slight frown, even when he’s relaxed. He found Botox improved the way people interacted with him.

“Before I had Botox in my frown, people used to look at me in a worried way. I think I scared them! After Botox, people look me in the eye, and give me a big smile.”
“I can always tell when my Botox is due because people back off again. They respond to my severe expression – but my face doesn’t match how I feel inside”

Your face may not reflect your state of mind

As you progress through life, your inner beauty and understanding of yourself grows.

You’re proud of the experience that comes with age. You might become a parent or move to a higher status job. But your outer image may not reflect how you feel.

Ageing can make you look tired, sad or angry, when in reality you feel energized and happy. This is exactly where cosmetic medicine treatments can help you to reflect what you’re feeling inside.

Botox and dermal fillers are particularly good at altering the emotional signals your face conveys.

Yes, Botox can make you look less angry

Anger is communicated by frowning, pursing your lips and squinting your eyes. Try it yourself – do you feel angry?

Frown lines, before and after Botox

These key signs of anger can be eased by injecting Botox into the frown muscles and along the brow. This relaxes frown lines and lifts your brows.

Lip lines, which can make you look sour and disapproving, can be reduced with tiny droplets of dermal filler like Juvederm Ultra or Volbella around your lips.

As a result, your face looks happier and more approachable.

Stop looking miserable

Sadness is communicated by “sad puppy” eyebrows that droop at the edges and a mouth that turns down at the corners, both of which can occur with ageing.

Using a thicker filler like Juvederm Voluma in the temples and outer cheek can lift this outer corner of your brow and combine nicely with Botox to lift your brow.

Lip lines before and after Botox

Filler can also lift the corners of your mouth, and help subtly relax the muscles pulling the corner of your mouth down.

These simple treatments can make you appear more cheerful and positive.

Botox reduces signs of tiredness

It’s hard not to look exhausted with sagging cheeks and shadows underneath your eyes.

Placing a dermal filler like Juvederm or Restylane at key points around your face can lift sagging, restore contour to your cheeks and reduce shadowing to make you look and feel refreshed.

After having treatment for sagging, patients often tell me “I look like I’ve had a good sleep or been on holiday.”

It’s not about looking different – it’s about staying the same

My patients want to go out into the world without having to spend time making themselves look presentable every day. I say that’s a reasonable wish. Happily, I can help!

Botox results over 8 years

The people I treat don’t get Botox and fillers to look different. They want to look the best version of themselves and they want their outer image to reflect how they feel inside.

These days, with modern cosmetic treatments, that’s possible.

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