The way I do Botox is different from most other practitioners.

I’ve delivered thousands of Botox treatments over the years and have developed a special approach, using tiny amounts to keep you looking natural. I call it “baby-tox”.

It ensures your face is elegantly expressive, not startled and frozen. No single area is over-treated. It gives your face a naturally refreshed appearance, as if you’ve been on holiday.

Is Botox safe?

In short, it has a well-established safety profile. With over 10,000 published scientific studies to date, Botox is one of the most researched medications, ever. It is the most common cosmetic medicine treatment worldwide, with millions of treatments performed safely every year.

Used since the 1960’s

Whilst I use it for cosmetic purposes, Botox also has many useful medical applications.

It was originally used in the 1960’s to help realign crossed eyes. It’s now used in the treatment of many medical conditions including facial tics, cerebral palsy, muscle spasms, migraines and strokes.

Yes, it’s derived from the bacteria that causes botulism, but…

Botox itself is a purified protein made by the botulism bacteria, similar to the way penicillin is made from mould. It works by blocking the action of acetylcholine, thereby relaxing your muscles.

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Botox

Is Botox effective?

Those who try it to prevent wrinkles usually go back for more, for a very good reason – it works!

Facial muscles contract thousands of times a day, eventually creating creases in the skin. Botox slows that activity down and helps reduce crow’s feet, horizontal lines in your forehead, and vertical frown lines between your brows (often the most off-putting, as they can make you look angry).

After - individual results may vary

This lady was delighted to see how well just one treatment with Botox reduced her crow’s feet.

Could it give me a frozen look?

The short answer is yes. Every medicine can be prescribed incorrectly, and Botox is no exception. If the wrong person injects it – if they misjudge the location of your muscles and how much you need – the results can be unflattering.

Face-freezing is rare and is not a product fault, but caused by the person who injects it.

After - individual results may vary

Look at this result at rest. Can you see how Botox to her frown and forehead has softened her lines?

After - individual results may vary

Look at this same lady on movement. Can you see how she can still raise her brows, but the lines are much better than before? Although she can’t raise her brows quite as high, she can still move, but with much less creasing.

Can I get the same results from skincare creams?

You can’t. When it comes to wrinkles, Botox is highly effective: if you can’t frown you can’t crease. It is also preventative – regular use means new lines can’t form either.

Botox isn’t for everyone.

Good skincare will even out your skin texture, potentially delay new wrinkles forming and help keep your skin healthy.

But, so far, nothing works in quite the same way as Botox.

After - individual results may vary

This single treatment of Botox has improved forehead lines more quickly and dramatically than skin creams can.

Does it hurt?

Injections sting – full stop. The pain is temporary though, and I have lots of tricks to minimize it.

Will everyone notice?

When Botox is successful, no one should suspect you’ve had anything “done”. They might notice you look younger, fresher or more cheerful. A frozen face is a bad result. For example, you should still be able to lift your brows and your eyes should still crinkle when you smile.

After - individual results may vary

This pleasant 62-year-old lady had a lot of tension in her frown at rest, making her look angry when she wasn’t at all. Botox relaxed the area beautifully for her.

After - individual results may vary

As well as looking happier, she reported feeling happier too. This effect on mood has been confirmed in studies.

What do I look like after my Botox appointment?

The chances of anyone being able to tell are very small. Often you can see a tiny pink bump where I’ve put the needle in. That will be gone in 10 minutes. I can easily put a smidge of concealer on it before you leave the room.

Sometimes you get a small bruise the day after treatment. Concealer can take care of it while it fades.

It takes three or four days for the relaxing process to kick in and two weeks for full smoothing and lifting.

How much does Botox cost?

I charge $25 per unit for Botox. That means it will cost about $500 to treat your frown with a full-size dose, which should last for four months.

I love to use smaller doses of Botox for a very gentle, natural effect. I use no more than absolutely necessary, and make every unit count!

Can anyone have Botox?

I won’t treat you if you’re pregnant or breast feeding.

If you have a muscle weakness disorder like motor neurone disease or myasthenia gravis, I will be very cautious. Otherwise, Botox is appropriate for most people.