Your cheekbones are the foundation of your face- good cheeks give your face beauty and contour from every angle.

With dermal filler you can get those gorgeously sculpted cheeks you desire, simply and safely.

Treating your cheeks with dermal filler can also improve under your eyes, lift your jowls and even tighten your jawline. It’s a great place to start treatment if you’re concerned about sagging, looking tired or looking sad.

After - individual results may vary

Juvederm Ultraplus has lifted her cheeks, and Juvederm Volbella under her eyes has reduced dark shadows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have my cheeks dropped as I’ve aged?

The bone and fat deep under your skin diminishes as you age and this leads to your cheeks looking saggy, along with hollows under your eyes.

It is more noticeable if you are someone with low body fat. Have you heard the saying that after a certain age “you have to choose between you face or your figure?”

Dermal filler replaces the lost support and it helps to lift your cheeks back to their former glory. It’s safe and easy and can be done simply in a one hour appointment.

Dermal filler can replace the lost support and help lift your cheeks in a simple 60-minute appointment.

After - individual results may vary

You can see the support of the cheeks in this view. I have used four syringes of Juvederm to create defined cheekbones for this 28-year-old woman.

What is the best dermal filler for cheeks?

It depends on whether I need to enhance your bone structure, using a firm filler, or replace lost fat with a softer filler.

After - individual results may vary

I used 3 ml of firm Juvederm Voluma to create gorgeous new cheekbones and 1 ml of soft Juvederm Volbella to reduce her tear trough.

I need to touch your face to know the best filler is for you. I might use Juvederm Voluma, Ultraplus, Volift or Perlane.

Under your eyes, it’s important to use a soft filler that moves when you do. This stops your eyes looking too small on smiling, an unwanted effect of stiff filler we call “pig-eye”.

After - individual results may vary

This 48-year-old lady lost fat around her eyes. To improve the tired look, I treated her cheeks then blended thinner filler around her eyes.

After - individual results may vary

You can see when she smiles that the flexible filler under the eye is fabulously natural. I always switch to a softer filler at the front of the cheek.

How long does dermal filler last in the cheeks?

I usually use a longer-lasting hyaluranon filler for cheeks, such as Juvederm Voluma. Studies show Voluma lasts for two years.

Filler decreases gradually, so you will probably need a top-up at around nine months. At top-up treatments, you usually you need only about half the amount of filler you originally needed.

Treating the cheeks with dermal filler can make your resting face look happier. Here I used 2 ml of Juvederm Ultraplus to gently curve her cheeks and lift her mouth corners. It’s so subtle and natural, no one would pick she’s had filler.

What if I don’t like the result?

If for any reason you don’t like the change, I can quickly and easily remove dermal filler with an injection of filler dissolver called Hyalase. This dissolves filler out in a couple of days.

However, it’s very unusual not to love your new cheeks. I like to treat slowly and cautiously, one small step at a time, for an extremely natural look. The result being – you might get told you look well, or that your eyes are sparkly, but no one can quite put their finger on why!