Everyone deserves beautiful, healthy skin, and these days with new cosmetic medicine treatments, you don’t need surgery to get it. Even if you sunbathed or neglected your skin when you were younger, I can improve your skin. But with so many treatment options on offer, it’s important you find an honest doctor with your best interests at heart.

You and your cosmetic doctor should be a team

You should choose a doctor who shares your beauty philosophy, and you should feel listened to.

I see my relationship with my patients as a partnership.

I’m the cosmetic medicine expert, but you’re the expert about your face and lifestyle. We need to agree on what is beautiful, trust one another, and work together to optimise results.

My beauty philosophy is “less is more.”

My goal is to optimise your natural beauty, giving you a timeless elegance that preserves the unique character of your face.

After - individual results may vary

The best work is invisible. The best cosmetic work is work you can’t see.

Patients often tell me, “when I walk down the street I can spot someone who has had Botox.” I say that the only Botox you can see is badly-done Botox. Well done Botox or filler should keep you guessing why your sister looks so well-rested, or why your friend has looked the same for the last ten years.


Training and experience is important

To get the best results, you should choose a doctor with recognised training and experience.

I’m passionate about building my skills. I’ve searched out the best teachers from around the world and attend international training events every year. Cosmetic Medicine changes so fast, keeping up-to-date is essential!

I’m also on a mission to improve patient safety and practitioner knowledge in New Zealand. I love to teach my colleagues through my training roles at NZSCM, Facecoach and Allergan.

To lobby for better regulations, I serve as censor on the NZSCM Executive Board. I’m also on the International Advisory Boards for Botox, Juvederm and Belkyra. It keeps me busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m determined to keep standards of Cosmetic Medicine in New Zealand high and protect the reputation of this wonderful area of medicine.

Is cosmetic medicine right for you?

If you’d like to learn more about treatments, please go to my blog or visit the Before and After Gallery to see photos of real patients.

To discuss your concerns with me, no matter how small, make an appointment by phoning 027 248 1981 or email me. Together, we’ll take the first small step on your journey to better skin.