Looking saggy is not fun. Sagging can make you look tired or sad when in reality you feel very different inside.

Many people think the only option to treat sagging is a face-lift. But recent advances in our understanding of how the face ages have led to new techniques with fillers that can significantly reduce early sagging changes.

After - individual results may vary

There are just a few hours between the two photos of this 47-year-old woman, showing how sagging can be dramatically reduced without surgery. I used only filler to create this change, placing it in her temples, cheeks and tear troughs to lift her brows and cheeks and tighten her eye bags. Filler in her chin and jawline has stretched the loose skin under her chin, giving her a more defined profile. Her sagging has responded exceptionally well to filler treatment.

After - individual results may vary

This three-quarter view shows the lifted cheek contour, improved chin projection and sharper jawline. Notice how her forehead lines have improved, because the brow support from the filler in her outer cheek and temple has allowed the muscle lifting the brows to relax. The advanced techniques I am learning from my mentor Dr Mauricio de Maio are revolutionising my filler treatments, allowing me to improve sagging better than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my face looking saggy?

As you reach your 40s, the fat and bone in your face changes in a pre-programmed way.

In 2007, we discovered that fat in the face is divided into different compartments, and each compartment shrinks or grows with age. The fat in your cheeks, lips and around your eyes decreases, whilst the fat in the pockets under your chin and in your jowls grows.

Your skull also changes. Your eye sockets grow larger and your cheekbones and jawbone shrink. Like a tent with a shrinking tent pole, the skin on top becomes loose and saggy.

The end result is droopy cheeks, tired shadows under your eyes, saggy jowls, and a downturned mouth.

You might notice this even more if you lose weight, which reduces the fat in your face.

Happily, I can use advanced techniques with dermal filler to restore these changes in a simple 60-minute appointment.

After - individual results may vary

This lovely 45-year-old woman has excellent bone structure, but has lost fat from her cheeks, temples and around her eyes with aging, making her look tired and “droopy”. I have used dermal filler to replace the lost fat, placing Juvederm in her cheeks, temple, jawline, chin, lips and around her eyes. This has lifted her cheeks and tightened her jawline, restoring more youthful curves to her face.

How can dermal fillers help sagging?

Hyaluranon dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane and Belotero are, in my opinion, the most effective non-surgical treatment for sagging skin.

Placing small amounts of dermal filler at key points in your face, such as your temple, cheeks, jawline and chin, replaces that lost fat and bone.

This supports your skin from underneath, reducing hollows under your eyes, supporting the corners of your mouth, giving your face a happier, fresher look.

Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio has developed the “8 Point Approach” with dermal fillers specifically to address sag. As one of twelve doctors internationally being personally mentored by Dr de Maio, I love to use exclusive advanced versions of his techniques to reduce sagging of your face.

After - individual results may vary

I treated this lady gradually over three years – you can see her neck has continued to age as her face became younger. I placed Juvederm in her cheeks, tear trough, lips, chin and mouth corners to lift her cheeks and reduce sagging.

What other treatments help sagging?

With a few quick injections I can gently relax the downwards pull of selected muscles in your face, allowing your skin to release upwards. This can help sharpen your jawline and lift the corners of your mouth.

Remember how the fat under your chin grows? This can contribute to a saggy look. You can reduce this fat without surgery with Belkyra, a new injectable fat-buster that gradually reduces the fat under your chin, contouring your jawline

Belkyra - Before Treatment
Before Treatment
Belkyra - After 5 Treatments
After 5 Belkyra Treatments

Five treatments of injectable fat-buster Belkyra have improved the double chin for this 40-year-old lady.

How can I prevent sagging?

Your biggest preventer is probably avoiding the sun. Studies show women living in high UV exposure environments report facial sagging up to five years earlier than others. Whether that’s because of the sun reducing collagen and elastin in the skin, making it less elastic, or whether the sun can accelerate changes in the fat deep underneath, we don’t know, but reducing sun exposure with a hat and daily sunscreen seems sensible.

There’s no magic pill yet to stop the changes in facial fat and bone. You’ve heard of the saying that after 40 you need to choose between your figure and your face? It’s right – it helps not to be too thin.

Your teeth are an important way to stimulate your facial bone, so see a good dentist regularly to make sure you have the best chance of keeping yours.

Whilst skin creams can’t reverse sagging, a comprehensive skin care plan to protect your skin from the sun and encourage maximum collagen production is sensible and has many other benefits like preventing skin cancer.

If you’re interested in talking to me about how dermal fillers might reduce sagging for you, contact me.